Chairman's Message 
Chairman " We face enormous challenges which are not just limited to logistical capabilities, but will also involve financial facility, administrative efficiency, planning and coordination skill, and management of large scale projects " 

As we move forward, persistence and innovation will be major factors in our continuing success. We have gone from zero production to world record-breaking yields of LNG by holding on to our vision as a company and aligning ourselves with our well-trusted partners in the global energy arena.

The unwavering support of the government of Qatar has propelled QP group of companies to new heights around the globe with ambitious projects in exploration and drilling, refining petrochemicals and acquisitions.


The diversification and expansion of our investment arm, Qatar Petroleum International (QPI), has played a pivotal role in our success. Through its strategic joint ventures and other investments, QPI has quickly built a fine reputation in the energy sector.


Promoting and advancing the interests of Qatar in the international arena with prudent investments and portfolio enhancements, QPI sees itself as a reliable long-term partner of choice to many mega projects worldwide.


QPI will continue to maximise opportunities within every situation to make a substantial contribution to the continued operation and growth in the coming years in representing Qatar Petroleum outside the State of Qatar.

H.E. Dr. Mohamed Saleh Al-Sada
Chairman, Board of Directors (QPI)
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