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QPI has ambitious plans for seizing growth opportunities in the oil refining, petrochemical and fertiliser sectors. We aim to leverage our excellent relationships with countries that have similar interests to develop international investments with both national oil companies and international oil majors across several continents.

To this end, QPI has formed a joint venture with Shell in Singapore. This JV company, QPI and Shell Petrochemicals Singapore Pty Ltd, QSPS, holds a stake in Petrochemical Corporation of Singapore Pte Ltd (PCS), which manufactures petrochemical products. QPI and QSPS also hold an interest in the Polyolefin Company Singapore (TPC), which manufactures polymers. Both companies will benefit from the excellent infrastructure and facilities found on Jurong Island. Coupled with Singapore’s strategic location in Southeast Asia, supportive government policies and abundant supply of skilled manpower, for a world class petrochemical complex.

In Egypt, QPI has invested in Arab Refining Company (ARC), which in turn has ownership in the Egyptian Refining company (ERC). This is a Greenfield investment in a new hydro-cracking complex in Cairo; commercial operations are targeted to begin by the fourth quarter of 2016.

Looking ahead in Vietnam, QPI has plans to invest in a petrochemical facility to produce ca. one million tons per annum of ethylene plus downstream derivative units. This project is a joint collaboration with SCG chemicals Group and Petro-Vietnam (PV). Commercial operations are targeted to begin by 2017.

In China Beijing, QPI and Shell, together with PetroChina, are progressing joint preliminary studies to assess the viability of building a world-scale, integrated refinery and petrochemical manufacturing complex in China.

In Algeria, together with Sonatrach, QPI is under discussions for the exploration of two fertilizer plants.

QPI Downstream prides itself on its reputation for delivering creative strategies to the myriad of investment challenges and opportunities faced within its sector, by building on relationships that are based on mutual understanding, respect and trust.

Current Projects

  • Investment in QPI & Shell Petrochemicals (Singapore) Pte Ltd (QSPS), a joint venture with Shell holding interests in an olefins plant and polymer plant in Singapore.

  • Investment in a secondary refinery development project (green field) in Egypt (ERC project) with EGPC and other industry partners.  

  • Petrochemical investment in Vietnam Long Son Petrochemical Project (25%) (green field project) with a consortium that includes SCG, along with Petrovietnam and other investors.

  • Joint venture with Petrochina and Shell in Central China for the development of a very large scale integrated refining / petrochemical complex, with an effective 24.5% interest.

  • Advanced discussions for two fertilizer projects in Algeria, alongside Sonatrach.

  • Early stage fertilizer development projects in North Africa and West Africa.
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